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Shining a light on the world's invisible citizens by helping to bridge the economic, educational, and digital divide.


The Social Problem


Over 1 billion without electricity and 90% of people in UN Least Developed Countries without internet


Information and care are slow, inconsistent and unresponsive in good times and bad as highlighted in the current COVID-19 pandemic


No ability to deliver consistent education & information to rural communities, especially during lockdowns

Economic Inclusion

Limited access to markets and financial services in rural communities makes the Bottom of the Economic Pyramid the largest yet poorest group in the world; driving relocation to already overcrowded urban cities

Our Impact


Medical information, diagnosis, and treatment including the accurate delivery of medicine to rural & disenfranchised communities.


Delivering critical high quality, reliable and timely communications capabilities to rural areas.


Delivering consistent, high-quality education and job training including testing and certification.


Delivering clean, reliable power to rural homes eliminating the need to burn fossil fuels.


Creating economic opportunity in rural areas by expanding access to markets, financial services and agricultural technology


Sustainable Development Goals

Veriown's solution provides a positive impact on critical social needs in developing countries around the globe delivering on 10 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

No Poverty
Zero hunger
Quality Education
Clean water and sanitation
Affordable and clean energy
Decent work and economic growth
Industry, innovation, and infrastructure
Reduced Inequalities
Sustainable cities and communities
Climate Action

Impact In Action

"Before Veriown, we would study all night for exams and had to use kerosene because there wasn’t any light. This was very dangerous and could go out at any time. But now when Veriown came, our life changed very much because the light was there all the time and I could study and get good marks" — Anushka - Student Suraila, Uttar Pradesh, India

View Anushka's Story

"I own a grocery store. There is only one grocery store in our village. In the past, there was no electricity in our village. We used to use lanterns to do work at night. Since Veriown arrived, only our shop in this locality has light at night" — Mukesh - Store Owner Suraila, Uttar Pradesh, India

View Mukesh's Story

"I wake up at 3 AM and try to complete household work. During the daytime, because of a lot of household work, I am unable to do my stitching work. So now I do my stitching work at night under the light. My children rejoice that with lights in our home they are able to study properly." — Dina - Mother of 2 Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

View Dina's Story

Help Us Change The World

Veriown’s mission is to provide solutions that deliver a positive impact on critical social needs in developing countries around the globe. Together with our investors as well as partners such as Microsoft, Vodafone & Eros Now, we are closer than ever to accomplishing our mission. 

Please reach out to us if you are interested in becoming a part of the Veriown family and helping us bridge the divide and shine a light on the invisible citizens of the world.